News Vendors BEWARE – Using An Online Estate Agent Will Cost You Time And Money!

Published by Natalie on 1st August, 2017

Vendors BEWARE!Image title Using An Online Estate Agent Will Cost You Time And Money!

By passing a traditional high street estate agent may prove to be the ultimate false economy.

Online estate agents promise to save property sellers thousands of pounds but the harsh reality is that it can end up being the buyer that saves money, not the vendor. With selling fees often due upfront to an online agent (as opposed to on completion with a traditional estate agent), the true cost is often hidden and that’s before you consider the problems you’ll face progressing the sale without the support of a local agent that does the hard work for you. 

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John Caines, Managing Director of Payton Jewell Caines explains why: “It never fails to surprise me how many people don’t actually understand the role of an estate agent in the selling and buying process.”

“Marketing a property is often the easy bit particularly as all agents are now online. Where we earn our money is negotiating an offer and then progressing the sale from acceptance to completion. That’s what requires expert knowledge and professional input; particularly given the demands of changing legislation and legal requirements. Online agents simply don’t offer this level of support.”

“By acting as the conduit between all professional parties, our job is to push the sale through.Years of experience means that we know how to manage the most complicated of property deals; especially when there is a large chain involved and the legalities are complex. Online agents simply don’t get involved – you paid their fee, now you’re left to negotiate the deal yourself even when things get tough, as they often do. That could cost you extra money and real time that most of us simply don’t have.”

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