Published by Natalie on 11th January, 2017

The enforcement powers within the Rent Smart Wales legislation have now been activated. This means that Rent Smart Wales and its Local Authority partners across Wales can now take action to make sure that those who need to comply, do so. Failure to comply with the legislation is now an offence.

Sara Hawkins, Rentals Director at Payton Jewell Caines explains: “Landlords should not delay. If youstart the process immediately and make good progress to comply as soon as possible, it is unlikely that enforcement action will be taken against you at this time.You can start the application process for both registration and licensing online. However, for peace of mind use a licensed agent to let and manage the property. This will save you the time it takes to complete the approved course and apply for a licence yourself.”

There are consequences of committing offences under the Act. These include:

•    Fixed Penalty Notices (of either £150 / £250)

•    Rent Repayment Orders

•    Rent Stopping Orders

•    Criminal Prosecutions and Fines

Also, landlords will not be able to serve valid section 21 notices for possession of their property unless the property is registered and either the landlord is licensed or the landlord uses a licensed agent to let and manage the property.

Payton Jewell Caines is licensed by Rent Smart Wales. 

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