News Julie Hopkin is a Sales Negotiator in Bridgend. She has plenty of advice for those looking to sell or buy

Published by Natalie on 20th March, 2018

Julie Hopkin is a Sales Negotiator in Bridgend. She has plenty of advice for those looking to sell or buy in Bridgend….

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 Can you describe a day as a sales negotiator?
No two days are the same. I meet so many different people and see so many different types of property but my day does always start with research. We spend a lot of time researching house prices, market trends and sales statistics. That’s what enables us to give accurate valuations and honest advice. 
I’ll then spend most of the day on the road helping our clients to find their dream home. It could be a retirement home, first time purchase or space for a growing family. We take great pride in the relationship that we build with clients and work hard to make sure that we are proactive when suggesting potential properties to view. 


 What advice do you give vendors?
Be realistic with your asking price else your property will still be on the market in 12 months time. It is also important to vacate the property when you have viewings. Go for a walk, pop to the shop or sit in the car – just let potential buyers feel relaxed so they can determine whether the property is right for them. They’ll also be much more open with us if you aren’t present so we can then give you honest feedback. 


What’s the most common problem that vendors and buyers face?
Clients often underestimate the amount of time it can take to get from having an offer accepted to actual completion. This is particularly true when there is a chain of sales. Vendors and purchasers need to cooperate with each other and ensure that they have a good solicitor working on their behalf. We are lucky to have a brilliant team who focus solely on progressing sales. It’s never been more important and it is something that online agents just don’t offer. 


Tell us about your dream job…
I joined Payton Jewell Caines in 2014. I’ve always had a strong interest in property so I love my job but I do have to say that I’d like to be working in a warmer climate. A job on A Place in the Sun would be a dream come true!