Guidelines for viewings during COVID-19 - Vacant Property

  • Pre-qualifying health questionnaire to be completed by all parties and submitted on the day of viewing.
  • PJC advises the use of gloves and face masks.
  • No hand shaking.
  • Use anti-bacterial wipes and request that the viewers do not touch ANYTHING.
  • Stay at least 2 metres away from all other parties at all times.
  • If the property is vacant open the front door and stay outside. The viewer can go inside alone.
  • Viewers are to wear gloves and face masks. If they arrive without appropriate PPE the appointment will NOT be able to proceed.
  • Viewings will be a strict 15 minutes with only 2 people viewing from the same household. No children at viewings.
  • After every viewing all surfaces will be wiped down. 15 minutes allowed in between all viewings to do this.